My Story

Great Day Everyone! My name is Deon "Success" Jenkins and I am from Washington, D.C. I currently reside in Waldorf, MD and work in retail management for one of the top pharmaceutical companies in the country. Because the needs of my position vary from day to day, my schedule is very erratic and the amount I’m compensated for it does not reflect all that I do.

When this business concept was shared with me from one of my esteemed and highly regarded friends, I immediately saw a clear path to not only supplement my main source of income, but a way to eventually replace it. I also saw how it would allow me to do something I always dreamed of: traveling the world!

In three short years, my life has done a full 180. Because of this opportunity, I have been able to check off a few dream list Items. I took my first flight, obtained my first passport complete with passport stamp, and took my first of many cruises. Most importantly, I have created a strong second source of income. I went from living paycheck to paycheck, to paying off my bills early – before the first of the month! Within the next two years, I will be able to take all my bills off the table with this secondary income and gain the option to retire on my terms.

To learn more about this amazing opportunity that not only changed my life, but that of thousands of other households around the world, click picture below for a 30-minute presentation.

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