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Terms and Conditions

Ensuring Your Dream Journey Begins on the Right Path

At Travel With Success, we are committed to delivering personalized, exceptional travel experiences that match your desires and aspirations. As we embark on this exciting journey together, we would like to provide you with transparent information regarding our services.

As part of our dedication to crafting tailor-made itineraries and securing the best options for your travels, a non-refundable fee will be required to initiate the development of your travel quote. This fee applies to the following scenarios:

Domestic Vacations, Rentals, and Hotels

To ensure that we invest the time and expertise needed to research the finest details of your domestic getaway, a non-refundable fee will be applicable. This fee underscores our commitment to designing a vacation that perfectly suits your needs and preferences.

48 Connected States
Alaska, Hawaii & U.S. Virgin Islands

$25 USD
$50 USD

International Destinations

For journeys that take you beyond borders, to far-off lands and cultural wonders, a non-refundable fee will be essential to begin the process of creating your unique travel experience. The complexity of international travel demands thorough research, and this fee reflects our dedication to delivering the best.

Canada, Mexico and The Caribbean
All Other International Countries

$50 USD
$75 USD


Cruises, with their intricate itineraries and diverse offerings, require meticulous planning. Thus, a non-refundable fee will be implemented to initiate the development of your cruise quote. The final cost of this fee will be discussed during our consultation, ensuring complete transparency.

FIT Booking
Group Booking (8-10 Cabins)

Each Additional 10 Cabins

$25 USD
$100 USD
$50 USD

Other Travel Needs

We extend our services to cater to individual components of your journey, such as flights, hotels, excursions, and sporting or entertainment tickets. The pricing for these solo items will be discussed with complete transparency during our consultation. Our priority is to ensure you have a comprehensive understanding of all costs associated with your travel experience.

Flight/Hotel only

Sporting/Entertainment Tickets*

$10 USD
$10 USD
$10 USD

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We value your investment of trust in us and want to assure you that every penny spent on this fee will be channeled into creating a travel experience that exceeds your expectations. Please note that the fee for each category may vary depending on the complexity of the itinerary and other factors.

During our consultation, we will discuss all relevant fees and any additional costs associated with your travel plans. Our aim is to collaborate closely with you, ensuring that your journey is not only unforgettable but also an excellent value.

Thank you for considering Travel With Success as your travel partner. We look forward to the opportunity to craft an exceptional travel experience that mirrors your dreams.

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