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The Mission

TRAVEL is an action word.  By definition, travel is going from one place to another.  For some people, travel is going from one city to the next.  For others, travel is going from one country to the next.  No matter what travel is for you, the goal here is to help the traveler navigate safely from point to point successfully, hence the name...

Travel With Success

The Vision

The world is a vast classroom full of places to explore and lessons to learn.  There is a quote, "Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer".  It is my belief that as one travels around the world, three things happen.  One, their mind is expanded by exploring new cultures and atmospheres.  Two, their body is nourished by the experience of new activities and foods.  Third, their souls are filled from the many connections made during the experience.  The Vision I have, for all travelers I help, is to create a journey that will include experiences that will make them richer and leave them with priceless memories to share and pass on forever.

The Travel Advisor

My name is Deon Jenkins and I have been in the Travel Industry for 6 years.  I take GREAT pleasure in helping my clients experience the world via awesome travel experiences.  I look forward to becoming your Personal Travel Agent, the one booking the vacation you deserve!

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