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Success Journals

A journal is meant to collect your ideas and observations on any number of things and put the happenings of each day into writing.  Here are 5 ways journaling can help change your life.  One, it helps you connect to your values, emotions, and goals.  Two, it improves mental clarity and focus.  Three, it improves insight and understanding.  Four, it tracks your overall development.  Five, it facilitates personal growth.

My Journal Notebook

This Journal is a Beautiful 6" x 9" Journal Notebook with 120 pages. It is a perfect gift for anyone who likes to write, collect thoughts, journal daily or weekly ideas, or simply use it to get things from their minds and onto paper in one place.  Perfect size to carry along with you everywhere you go.

Just The A&G Journal Cover.png

$6.99 each

Affirmation & Gratitude Series

Enjoy 13 affirmations designed to help build a foundation of gratitude. This journal helps one to create time in their day to reflect upon gratitude and open their minds to explore what they are grateful for.  Each book has unique affirmations and is colored so that you will not accidently purchase the same book, unless you want to.

Cover for 6x9 108 page A&G Journal Series 1.png

Blue Version

$11.99 each

Cover for 6x9 108 page A&G Journal Series 1 (3).png

Green Version

$11.99 each

(2 NEW Journals coming for April 2024)

Cover for 6x9 108 page A&G Journal Series 1 (1).png

Red Version

$11.99 each

Cover for 6x9 108 page A&G Journal Series 1 (2).png

Yellow Version

$11.99 each

Series 1 Purple.png

Purple Version

$11.99 each

Coming Soon.png
Series 1 Orange.png

Orange Version

$11.99 each

Coming Soon.png

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