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Welcome to the World of Cruise Ship Lingo

Setting sail on a cruise is an exciting adventure filled with new destinations, luxurious amenities, and a unique language all its own. Whether you’re a first-time cruiser or a seasoned sailor, understanding cruise ship lingo can enhance your experience and help you navigate life at sea like a pro.

From the "bow" to the "stern" and everything in between, cruise ship terminology can initially seem like a foreign language. But don't worry – we're here to help you decode the jargon and feel right at home on the high seas. Our guide to cruise ship lingo covers everything you need to know, from basic nautical terms to insider phrases used by the crew.

Dive into our comprehensive glossary and soon you'll be chatting with the captain, understanding announcements, and finding your way around the ship with ease. Embark on your voyage with confidence and make the most of your cruise experience by mastering the language of the sea!

Ship Basics

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A Ship
Before we get started, here’s the most important piece of advice I can give you, when it comes to talking like a cruise pro.  Don't call a cruise ship a boat, It's A SHIP.  You’re on a ship, not a boat.  A boat fits inside a ship, and not the other way around.  Fellow cruisers won’t hesitate to correct you sternly if you get this wrong.

Port Side
When facing the front of the ship, the LEFT side of the ship is referred to as port side.

Starboard Side
When facing the front of the ship, the RIGHT side of the ship is referred to as port side.

This is the front section of the ship.  Think of it as what you see when you walk "FORWARD".

This is the back section of the ship.  Think of it as everything behind you will come AFTer you.

As in the name, it is the middle section of the ship.  Most cruise passengers will prefer a mid-ship cabin, rather than one that is forward or aft. This area has an advantage of having more stability in general

Interior Stateroom
An inside or interior cabin is a stateroom that includes all the basics, however it does not have a window.

Oceanview Stateroom
Cabins with a window or porthole are ocean view cabins.

Balcony Stateroom

Balcony cabins, sometimes referred to as Veranda cabins, include a private outdoor space outside your cabin.

Suite Stateroom
This is the definition


Guarantee Stateroom (GTY)

This refers to an unassigned cabin any type of cabin (inside, ocean view, balcony).  The cruise line will assign the cabin at any point before the cruise.  Often, guarantee cabins will be priced lower, so this can be a great value if you’re not picky about the location of your cabin.

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