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Virgin Voyages

Enjoy The Lady Ships

Upgrade Your Experience With A Rockstar Status

IMG-STE-massive-suite-architectural-interior-living-room-v1-01-S22_014-1600x900 (1).jpg

Accents of brass, stunning marble bathrooms, spacious stargazing terraces, champagne tables and exclusive treatment are yours in these VIP suites. Live out your holiday dreams and be the rockstar you are.

What's It Like To Be A RockStar?

Elevated living on board comes with elevated access. RockStar status starts before you even set sail; early boarding through a VIP entrance, priority access to booking, and 24/7 access to RockStar Agents answering any and all of your needs.

What comes with Rockstar Status?

Booking a suite unlocks access to Richard's Rooftop; the exclusive deck where elegance meets exuberance. A lavish, elaborate and members-only outdoor space for stargazing parties and pre-dinner cocktail hours for you and the other rockstars.

Are you a RockStar or MEGA Rockstar?

Rock Star Status

RS Richards Rooftop access.png

Richard's Rooftop access

RS Early Booking_Priority access.png

Early  booking / Priority access

RS Curated in-room bar on us.png

Curated in-room bar, on us

RS Rockstar Agents.png

Rockstar Agents

RockStar Quarters

Mega Rock Star Status 

MEGA Richards Rooftop access.png

Richard's Rooftop access

MEGA Daily bar tab.png

Daily bar tab

MEGA Private transfer.png

Private transfer

MEGA Bottomless in-room bar.png

Bottomless in-room bar

MEGA Early Booking_Priority access.png

Early booking / Priority Access

MEGA Daily Spa access.png

Daily spa access

MEGA RockStar Agent.png

Mega RockStar Agent

MEGA Premium wifi.png

Premium wifi

Mega RockStar Quarters


Fitness Classes

Free Wifi

All Food (20+ Eateries)


Essential Drinks


RockStar Suites

Starting at $3,792 per cabin

($1,896 per person*)

Mega RockStar Suites

Starting at $6,672 per cabin

($3,336 per person*)

*pricing based on double occupancy, some cabins can hold a max of 4 occupants

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