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The Fall Voyage 2024

October 20-25, 2024

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Valiant Lady Virtual Tour


Fitness Classes

Free Wifi

All Food (20+ Eateries)


Essential Drinks


Sea Terrace.jpg

Sea Terrace Cabin

Starting at $2,396 per cabin

($1,198 per person)

Sea view.jpg

Sea View Cabin

Starting at $1,946 per cabin

($973 per person)

Insider cabin.jpg

The Insider Cabin

Starting at $1,722 per cabin

($861 per person)

UPGRADE Your Experience To ROCKSTAR Status

IMG-STE-massive-suite-architectural-interior-living-room-v1-01-S22_014-1600x900 (1).jpg

Port Of Call Excursions 

Click "View Excursions" button below to explore what excursions are being offered at each port of call.  


($250 per person)

Deposit Amount

$500.00 per cabin

Deposit Due

Date Of Booking

Final Payment Due*

June 15, 2024

*If you need more time to pay off your cruise, Contact Success Jenkins for Book Now, Pay Later options.

Need A Passport or to Renew an Expired One

Although you can cruise without a passport, it is highly recommended to have one when you visit outside of your country.  Click on the "Apply For Passport" button below to visit the official U.S. Passport website and to apply for one.

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